Evaluation Group

Please contact Dr. Meltem Alemdar, Assistant Director at 404-894-0297 or at meltem.alemdar@ceismc.gatech.edu for more information about CEISMC's Evaluation Services. CEISMC regularly conducts evaluation of various K-12 initiatives and research projects both internally and for external organizations. 


  • Evaluation Planning: developing logic models, creating implementation calendars, and writing evaluation sections of grant proposals
  • Survey development deployment, collection, analysis, and reporting(includes deploying online and paper-based surveys)
  • Text Analysis: usually used to categorize open-ended survey responses.
  • Focus Groups: protocol development, facilitating focused interviews, analyzing comments, and reporting recommendations.
  • Student Achievement Analysis: descriptive and inferential statistical analysis of program effects on state-collected student achievement data (CRCT, GHSGT, EOCT, SAT, etc.)
  • Measuring Teacher Content and Pedagogical Knowledge: selecting, administering, analyzing, and reporting the University of Michigan’s LMT to assess math teacher professional learning.
  • Classroom Observations: qualitative study and analysis of K-12 classrooms focusing on teaching methods employed and integration of technology into learning activities.
  • IRB submission, approval, and compliance.

Past and Present Projects:

  • Evaluation of Math and Science Partnership Grants: Evaluating the impact of the state-led MSP initiatives on student achievement and teacher knowledge.
  • Evaluation of Georgia Title IID Technology Grants: Evaluation of Georgia’s Title IID technology program progress by studying teacher methods, implementation success, and student achievement.
  • Evaluation of Georgia Computes Research Program: Examining an NSF "Broadening Participation in Computing" alliance focused on increasing the number and diversity of computing students in the state of Georgia.
  • Evaluation of Ossabaw E-Exploration for Students and Teachers:Quantifying the progress and impact of a program working with students and teachers from middle and high schools of the Savannah Chatham County Public School System to explore Ossabaw Island, one of Georgia 's remote barrier islands, using state of the art computer technology.