Georgia Tech General Rules and Provisions

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2019 Mandatory Forms

The forms below are required for participation in any event at Georgia Tech.  There are forms for BOTH student participants and coaches.  The completed and signed forms must be presented at check-in along with the Official Roster form.

These forms are intended to cover two areas associated with campus activities for individuals other than GT faculty, students and staff - possible accidents/injuries and taking/using photographs and/or video footage (referred to as "images").

Student Forms

Each student is required to submit the "Parental Request to Participate and Release Agreement," which MUST be completed and signed by their parents. This form incorporates consent for both the use of images and release of liability for accidents/injuries.

Parental Request to Participate Release Form

Minors in the Lab Consent Form

Coach Forms

Coaches, and other adults who will be accompanying and supporting your team, need to complete and submit the two forms below, which each address the matters of images and accidents/injuries separately.

Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement

Georgia Tech - Release, Waiver of Liability, and Covenant Not to Sue

Behavior Management Policy

Georgia Tech General Rules and Provisions‚Äč
  1. Team coaches are to use this Official Roster form to list your participants. E-mail the completed excel file to three days prior to the event, AND bring a printed and signed copy with you on the day of the event.
  2. Team names must be the school name, to be followed by a number only if you have multiple teams.  In that case you would list the school name and A for the first team and the school name and B for the second team.
  3. Any event that lists "Each team may bring one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper" in the official Science Olympiad Manual has the following stipulations: (i) it must be a single sheet. Two sheets with writing on one side of each is not allowed. (ii) Flaps, or any mechanism to increase the surface area of the single sheet of paper, is not allowed. (iii) It is a single sheet per team, not one sheet per team member. (iv) Violation of any of these stipulations will result in the sheet(s) of paper being confiscated and the team proceeding without the paper for the event.
  4. Any disputes or complaints can only be made by the team coach (not team members, parents, etc.). Team coaches should bring all complaints to Ms. Tiarra Moore, Tournament Director. An unbiased judge will also be present on the day to assist with disputes and complaints.
  5. Devices cannot be modified/adjusted after they have been impounded. If the event allows modification/adjustment prior to the "testing" of the device, then this can only be done immediately before the device is "tested".
  6. For events that require safety goggles, it is the responsibility of the team members to bring the correct type of goggles specified for the event. Descriptions of the types of safety goggles can be found here. Teams that show up without goggles or an incorrect type will be disqualified.