Become a GIFT Sponsor/Mentor


Why Should You Get Involved?

GIFT sponsors/mentors expose teachers to the applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in real world inquiry, problem solving, and reasoning. The teacher and sponsors/mentors work together integrating new perspectives, knowledge, and insights gained from the internship into the classroom.


Benefits of participation include:

  • The presence of an enthusiastic and motivated GIFT teacher as an employee, which brings a new perspective and a unique set of skills to the work environment.
  • The opportunity to transfer your organization's values and knowledge to hundreds of students a GIFT teacher works with each year.
  • The potential for sponsor/mentor involvement in classroom interactions with students through field trips, guest speaking engagements, etc.
  • An opportunity to foster relationships between teachers, businesses and universities.
  • A role in a systemic change that leads to students being better prepared for the workforce and more aware of career opportunities in STEM.


Comments From Previous Mentors:

"Be open to new ideas and to the experience, because I feel that the [GIFT] teachers bring a fresh and different experience to the workplace."

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with an extremely talented and dedicated [GIFT] teacher who had the benefit of also having worked in an industrial setting in a prior career. In my corporate role, I conduct a great deal of training. I was able to gather many new ideas with regard to my role in just discussing how the fellow was preparing to share what she learned with her students."

"Design a meaningful, challenging project. Give the teacher the tools and the conceptual framework to understand the project’s significance."

"Working with the GIFT program allows a company to provide opportunities to teachers to take risks and expand their horizons beyond the school and the realm of academia. It also allows the teachers to provide companies opportunities to take risks and expand their horizons beyond the marketplace and into the schools. By working with one teacher, a company can feasibly touch the lives of over 100 students in a given school year. Imagine the possibilities that can grow from an opportunity like that!"


Request More Information:

If you are interested in becoming a GIFT Mentor, please email Bonnie Harris, GIFT Program Director, at